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Nyano is free to use, globally.

Anyone can try nyano, all you need is a free nyano wallet!

Fixed supply

Nyano has a fixed supply of 133 Trillion units, enough for everyone to try.

Inflation resistant

Everyone can move nyano, but nobody can create it.

Track record

Nyano transactions first began moving money in 2015, and it still works just the same way today!


Thousands of people regularly use nyano to move money, in every country on Earth.

Fun art

You can easily buy fun art with nyano.

Nano compatible

Nyano is a sub unit of nano:

1,000,000 nyano = 1 nano.

Infinite possibilities

There is no company or bank that runs or owns nyano, you have complete power over your nyano.

Wallet App

  • Collaborate with fellow nyano users.
  • Share with your friends.
  • Learn how digital money works.
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“Anyone can try nyano for free, and learn about modern digital money without risking anything.”

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